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Development of Our Grinding Equipment

Pengfei's roller press grinding technology expands from the cement industry into the field of mining

In the field of mining, the roller mill can be used to replace the cone crusher or ball mill and used in the pre-grinding of iron ores and non-ferrous metal ores. It is characterized by high capacity, low power consumption, easy operation, and convenient maintenance.

The roller mill is often used in conjunction with the V separator integrating scattering, grading, and drying. It can be used alone or together with the ball mill for finishing various technological processes, such as pre-grinding, combined grinding, semi-final grinding, and final grinding.

The abrasion resistance of the roller surface material is the key factor that determines the application of the roller press. With constant breakthrough in the abrasion resistance of the roller surface material, the roller press is gradually expanding from the field of cement grinding to the field of metal ore grinding. Compared with traditional crushers, the roller mill can save 20% to 50% electricity and increase output by 30% to 70%.