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Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd. 

Add.: Benjiaji, Northern Suburb of Hai'an County, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, China 

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About Us

About Us


Your answer to total industry solutions starts here.  As an EPC contractor, the PENGFEI Group is entirely committed to the design, production, and assembly of dedicated equipment for cement manufacturers everywhere.  Testing and commissioning are available as a part of our one-stop service package.  We offer professional contracting for international bidding projects and technical support consultations.  Our company provides a complete range of cement making machinery including the crusher, dust collector, cement rotary kiln, cement grinding mill, vertical coal mill, cooling and drying equipment, as well as cement conveying, lifting, and packaging machines.  Complete sets of cement production lines can be purchased.

Our corporate headquarters can be found within Nantong city.  This prime geographic location is defined by accessible railways, highways, and a close proximity with the ports of Shanghai and Nantong.  Convenient logistics provide us with an excellent vantage point for global shipping.  We export to more than 30 countries worldwide including Germany, Russia, Brazil, Egypt,  Bengal, Pakistan, Vietnam, Columbia, Bolivia, South Africa, etc.

In little over a decade, we have risen to prominence in the Chinese industry.  We are recognized as a “Famous Brand of China”.  Our machines are labeled “Famous Brand Chinese Products”.  PENGFEI equipment has widespread applications in industries such as mining, chemical, metallurgy, power generation, and environment protection.

The company property spans 350,000 square meters, of which 156,000 are occupied by production facilities.  We have 36 assembly workshops and total assets amounting up to 822 million RMB.  Our staff includes 450 skilled technicians.  A total of 6 subsidiaries systematically manage our interests in machinery, electronics, foundry, new building materials, as well as equipment assembly and installation.

The full capacity of our production base can yield 300,000 tons of steel plates each year.  We own a complete array of advanced processing equipment including the 7.5m annealing furnace.  Our gear-hobbing machine supports a processing diameter of 10m.  The maximum lifting height and capacity of the hoisting equipment is 26m and 400 tons, respectively.  With these machines at our disposal, we are able to manufacture products such as the mining mill, large-format grinding machine, and rotary kilns with a diameter under 10m.

PENGFEI is experienced in the independent development and manufacturing of large sized pre-heaters, rotary kilns, tube grinding mills, vertical mills, and coolers.  In Pakistan, we successfully assembled mainframes for production lines of the type PLC, PLD, PLE, and PLF.  This line has an output capacity of 3000t/d.  A total of 33 engineering solutions involving matching cement production lines and cement grinding stations were provided for factories such as Elephant King and Tiger Head.  For instance, we designed the 2500t/d cement production line for cement plants such as the Russian Volga and Mongolian KHUTUL.  The 1500t/d cement production line was developed for companies including Rwanda Cimerwa, Myanmar Triple-A Cement Co., Ltd., and the 912th Cement Factory of the Vietnamese Oil Company.

Our projects include services such as equipment design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning, personnel training, and designs for electrical automation.  Techniques and guidelines for procedures such as limestone crushing and cement transport can be provided.