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1.2 Million Ton Cement Grinding Machine

1.2 Million Ton Cement Grinding Machine

1.2 Million Ton Cement Grinding Machine


The 1.2 million ton cement grinding machine primarily consists of 2 sets of PFG120-50 rolling machine, 2 sets of Φ3.2×13m open circuit ball mill. With stable operation and high efficiency, it offers high production capacity and low operational cost.

Production Flow
   1. Cement clinker conveying and storage
   2. Gypsum and limestone conveying, crushing, and storage
   3. Tuff crushing, conveying, and storage
   4. Slag conveying and storage
   5. Clinker, admixture, and gypsum batching station processing
   6. Cement grinding
   7. Cement storage, and bulk cement transportation
   8. Cement packaging, and bagged cement storage

Main Components of the Cement Grinding Machine
Serial no.Equipment nameModel / typeCapacity (t/h, for each piece of equipment)QuantityTotal production capacity (t/h)Annual utilization rate (%)
1Admixture crusherCP-8070170.043.72
2Rolling machinePFG120-50140-16522 ×8580.00
3Classifier with material scattering functionSF550/10015022 ×8580.00
4Cement grinding millΦ3.2 ×13M Open-circuit grinding mill8522 ×8580.00
5Cement packaging machineRotary packaging machine with eight filling holes10022 ×10047.60
6Bulk cement handling equipmentBulk truck12044 ×12019.83

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