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2 Million Ton Cement Grinding Station

2 Million Ton Cement Grinding Station

2 Million Ton Cement Grinding Station


This range of cement grinding station is designed to offer annual production capacity of 2 million tons. It is a complete cement grinding, bulk transportation, and bag packaging line, mainly made up of a Φ4.2×13m open-circuit ball mill, 160-140 type rolling machine, and 1200V type powder separator.

Production Flow
   1. Cement clinker unloading and storage
   2. Gypsum unloading and conveying
   3. Clinker conveying
   4. Raw material batching station processing
   5. Cement grinding and conveying
   6. Pulverized coal storage and weight feeding
   7. Cement storage and conveying
   8. Cement packaging
   9. Bulk cement transportation
   10. Air compressor station

Main Components of the Cement Grinding Machine
Serial no.Equipment functionEquipment nameType / specificationsQuantity (set)Annual utilization rate %Remark
1Gypsum crushingImpact hammer crusherFeeding material size: ≤ 600mm
Discharging material size: ≤ 25mm (90%)
Crushing capacity: 70t/h
2Cement grindingRolling machineCLF160-140
Capacity: 380~500t/h
Feeding material size: ≤ 70mm
Discharging material size: 65%< 2mm; 20% < 0.09mm

Cement millΦ4.2×13m
Capacity: 150t/h
Cement fineness: 340m2 /kg
276.1%For P.O42.5 cement grinding
3Cement bulk transportationBulk truckCapacity: 100t/h439.9%Calculate by 70%
4Cement packagingCement packaging machineCapacity: 100t/h234.2%Calculate by 30%

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