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5000 Ton Dry Process Cement Plant

5000 Ton Dry Process Cement Plant


5000 Ton Dry Process Cement Plant

Our 5000 ton dry process cement plant is designed to reduce pollution and energy consumption. With exquisite designs, it is capable of saving energy in each main production process.

1. Raw material crushing and grinding
   The dry process cement production line includes a single stage hammer crusher for limestone crushing. The simplified production flow reduces electricity consumption.
   A vertical grinding mill is adopted for raw material grinding. As compared with conventional middle-discharging mill and air swept mill, the vertical mill reduces power consumption by 5-7kW×h/t.

2. Material preheating
   Our dry process cement plant is fitted with a five-stage cyclone preheater featuring low pressure loss design. The cyclone with large volute and short barrel design is additionally designed with a guide plate and a flow-regulator, so the system resistance is largely reduced. Comparing with traditional counterparts, this preheating system has its draught fan electricity consumption reduced by 15%-20%.

3. Clinker cooling
   A latest model of grate cooler is utilized for cement clinker cooling. The required airflow and discharged waste gas is reduced by 0.6-0.8Nm3/kg-cl, as compared with older version cooling equipment. The electricity consumption of cooling fan and exhaust fan can be reduced by 20%, respectively.

4. Pulverized coal preparation
   Our cement production line utilizes a vertical mill for coal pulverization. This ensures energy consumption reduction up to 11.0kW×h/t, when compared with traditional coal powder production system composed of the air swept ball mill, dynamic powder separator, and the air tank pulse bag filter.

5. Material delivering
   To maximally reduce power consumption, the dry process cement plant adopts energy efficient material conveyors with high efficiency. For instance, the bucket elevator for delivering material into the preheater, and raw mix conveying system can help reduce consumption by 2.5-3kW×h/t.

For the purpose of saving electricity, our cement making machine is designed to offer smoother and simplified production flow. It maximally avoids redundant material delivering, so as to minimize the conveying distance and height difference of materials. Thus, the power consumption for material delivering is largely reduced.

6. Others
   In addition to above, our dry process cement plant has enhanced measurement precision, improved system efficiency, and reduced fuel and raw material usage, due to following designs. Firstly, quality and precision measuring equipment is utilized in each key production process. Secondly, at each dust or waste gas outlet, there are reliable and efficient dust filters to make sure only dust-bearing gas conforming to related standards can be discharged. These ensure substantially reduced cement production cost.

As compared with conventional airlift pump method, the rubber belt type bucket elevator for feeding materials into kiln tail reduces cool-air intake by 70000m3/h. This effectively improves the thermal efficiency of preheater. The circulating water cooling system largely saves water usage, by offering circulating water utilization rate up to 95%. Aside from these, effective measures are adopted to reduce the heat loss of equipment and pipelines, and energy efficient equipment such as electric motors and draught fans are selected. In addition, our dry process cement plant adopts variable frequency control system for fans and pumps, as well as efficient and low consumption installations like transformer, contactor, and lighting fixtures. All these ensure remarkably reduced energy consumption.

Equipment List
Purpose/ descriptionEquipment nameType / specifications
Limestone crushingHammer crusherTKLPC20.22A
Feeding material size: <1100mm
Discharging material size: <75mm
Crushing capacity: 700t/h
Siltstone crushingJaw crusherPE-900X1200
Feeding material size: <750mm
Discharging material size:<150mm
Crushing capacity: 200t/h
Cone crusherPYS-1215
Feeding material size: <150mm
Discharging material size: <30mm
Crushing capacity: 200t/h
Limestone pre-homogenization stockyardCantilever stacker Bridge-type scraping reclaimerStacker capacity: 1400t/h
Reclaimer capacity: 500t/h
Siltstone pre-homogenization stockyardMobile stackerStacker capacity: 200t/h
Chain-plate type stackerReclaimer capacity: 110--130t/h
Raw coal pre-homogenization stockyardMovable trolley type stackerStacker capacity: 200t/h
Bridge-type scraping reclaimerReclaimer capacity: 100t/h
Raw material grinding, and waste gas treatmentVertical millMLS4531
Grinding capacity: 360-400t/h
Feeding material moisture content: <6%
Discharging material moisture content: <0.5%
Feeding material size <100mm
Discharging material size: 80μm
Screen residue: <12%
Draught fan for raw material millAirflow: 860,000m3/h
Total pressure: 9500Pa
Draught fan at kiln tailAirflow: 860000m3/h
Total pressure: 7500Pa
Electrostatic precipitatorType: BS930
Filtering area: 310m2
Airflow: 820,000m3/h
Outlet dust content: ≤50mg/m3
Pulverized coal preparationVertical coal millType: MPF2116
Grinding capacity: 38~45t/h
Feeding material moisture content: <12%
Discharging material moisture content: <1%
Feeding material size <25mm
Discharging material size: 80μm
Screen residue: <12%
Calcining systemRotary kilnSize: Φ4.8×74m
Inclination: 4%
Support bases: 3
Rotation speed: 0.6~4.0r/min
Installed power: 630kW
Production capacity: 5000t/d
Preheater and decomposition furnaceDouble five-stage preheater + decomposition furnace
Cyclone 1: 4-Φ5.0m
Cyclone 2: 2-Φ6.9m
Cyclone 3: 2-Φ6.9m
Cyclone 4: 2-Φ7.2m
Cyclone 5: 2-Φ7.2m
Decomposition furnace: Φ7.2×30.0m
Production capacity: 5000t/d
Flow-control type grade coolerLBT36352
Cooling area: 119.6m2
Feeding material temperature: 1400℃
Discharging material temperature::65℃+ ambient temperature
Electrostatic precipitator at kiln headAirflow: 550,000m3/h
Filtering area: 196m2
Inlet dust content: ≤30g/m3
Outlet dust content: ≤50mg/Nm3

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