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3000 Ton Dry Process Cement Plant

3000 Ton Dry Process Cement Plant

3000 Ton Dry Process Cement Plant


Production Flow
   1. Limestone crushing
   Our 3000t/d dry process cement plant is available with a hammer crusher for limestone crushing, and uses a belt conveyor to deliver crushed limestone to the pre-homogenization stockyard. The stockyard is fitted with cantilever stacker and reclaimer to pile and recover limestone materials.

The reclaimed limestone is conveyed to the limestone silo in raw material batching station, by a belt conveyer. This conveyor is designed with a metal detector at its front end to detect whether there are metal parts, and an electromagnetic iron remover so as to remove the possible metal parts in limestone. This design effectively avoids damages to raw material mills.

Our 3000 ton dry process cement plant requires four silos in the raw material batching station for storage of ire ore tailings, limestone, silica, and wet fly ash, respectively. Each silo is designed with a plate feeder, and a constant weight feeder. Thus, the four kinds of material are discharged according to desired proportion from the silos, and then are delivered by belt conveyor to a small storehouse to be fed into raw material mill.

2. Raw material grinding
   Our dry process cement plant adopts a rolling machine for raw material grinding. The machine dries materials by making use of the high temperature gas from the kiln tail, which reduces energy consumption effectively.

The ground material is dried and classified by a V type powder separator. The fine powder material will be further processed by a high efficient powder separator. After that, the qualified fine material is delivered to the raw mix homogenization silo by the air slide conveyor and bucket elevator. While the unqualified coarse material and wet fly ash are sent back to raw material mill for further grinding and drying, until all materials are qualified.

After passing through the powder separator, the waste gas generated during the grinding process is processed by an electrostatic precipitator before being discharged.

3. Coal grinding, waste gas treatment, and raw mix homogenization
   This range of dry process cement plant includes a coal mill installed at the tail end of kiln. Part of the waste gas from the kiln is filtered by a cyclone dust collector, so as to be used as the heat source for raw coal drying. The other part is humidified and cooled down by the humidifier tower, and then enters into an electrostatic precipitator to be filtered. Finally, the waste gas is discharged into air with the help of a draught fan. The water spray amount of humidifier tower is automatically adjusted according to the outlet air temperature, so as to avoid damage to the electrostatic precipitator caused by overheat.

After homogenization by intensive air pressure alternatively, the raw mix in the Ф18m homogenization silo is unloaded to the mixing room via the annular zone surrounding the silo. By air-agitation method, the raw mix is mixed uniformly in the room. The air stream required for raw material mixing is provided by Roots blowers.

Uniformly mixed raw materials are measured, then conveyed by the air slide conveyor and bucket elevator, and finally fed separately into two preheater systems with the help of a material-distribution valve and an air-blockage valve.

4. Cement clinker calcining
   The clinker calcining system of our dry process cement plant offers daily production capacity of 3000 tons, and is mainly composed of a decomposition furnace, rotary kiln, grate cooler, and dual five-stage preheaters.

After preheating and decomposing, the feeding raw mix is fed into the rotary kiln for calcining, and then cooled in the grate cooler. Produced clinker includes both large sized lumps and small sized granules. The lumps are crushed, and then mixed with the granules. Finally, the clinker is delivered by bucket chain elevators into cement clinker silo for storage.

The hot air generated during the previous processes are utilized as the high temperature secondary air and tertiary air for the rotary kiln and the decomposition furnace, and the waste gas are finally discharged into air after treatment by an electrostatic precipitator.

With material discharging unit at the bottom, the clinker silo will unload cement clinker and use belt conveyor to transfer the discharged material to a bulk material stockyard. The bulk clinker can be loaded into trucks directly via the bulk material discharging hole at the bottom of the stockyard.

5. Coal pulverization
   The dry process cement plant is designed with a vertical grinding mill for coal pulverization. The coal mill uses the high temperature gas from the kiln tail for coal drying. Via the weigh feeder at the bottom of raw coal silo, the raw coal is fed in desired amount into the coal mill for drying and grinding.

Pulverized coal goes along with the air flow into the bag type dust collector. Qualified coal powder is collected, and delivered by screw conveyor into the pulverized coal silo incorporating a load sensor. After measuring, the pulverized coal is sent into the kiln burner and decomposition furnace separately, to be used as fuel. The dust-bearing gas is filtered by the electrostatic precipitator before discharging into air.

In order to ensure safety, the dry process cement plant incorporates a CO detector and an explosion-proof valve for both pulverized coal silo and bag type dust collector. The 3000 ton dry process cement production line additionally includes a central test cabinet responsible for inspection of the fuel, semi-finished products, and finished products. Also available is an air compressor plant to generate compressed air that is necessary during production.

Equipment List
Serial No.Purpose / DescriptionsEquipment nameType / SpecificationsQuantity (set)Annual utilization rate %
1For limestone crushingSingle stage hammer crusherType: PCF2022
Max. feeding material size: 1000×1000×1500 mm
Crushing capacity: 600t/h
Discharging material size: ≤75 mm (90% or above)
Rotor speed: 300r/min
Power: 710kW
Voltage: 10KV
2Round shaped limestone stockyard for pre-homogenizationLimestone stackerType: YDQ.600/23
Stacking method: herringbone style
Capacity: 600 t/h
Belt width: 1000 mm
Limestone reclaimerType: YDQ.Q500/80
Capacity: 4000t/h
Rail track diameter: Æ80.0m
3Auxiliary material pre-homogenizationAuxiliary material stackerType: CBD250/13.5Feeding material size: ≤40mm (85%)
Capacity: 160t/h
Rail track pitch: 4m
Material unit-weight: 1.1t/m3
Auxiliary material reclaimerType: CGQ150/19.5Feeding material size: ≤40mm (85%)
Capacity: 100t/h
Rail track pitch: 4m
Material unit-weight: 1.1t/m3
4Raw material grinding, and waste gas treatmentRolling machineType: PFRM36.4
Production capacity: 250t/h (after abrasion)
Feeding material moisture content: <6%Discharging material moisture content: <0.5%Feeding material particle size <75mm
Discharging material particle size: 80μm
Screen residue: 12%
Power: 2500KW
Draught fan for raw material millAirflow: 495000m3/h
Air pressure: 11000Pa
Power: 2100KW
Draught fan for preheaterAirflow: 580000m3/h
Air pressure: 7500Pa
Power: 1800KW
Bag type dust collectorType: LCM (G) 580-2×7
Filtering area: 10500m2
Airflow: 600000m3/h
Flue-gas temperature: 260~150oC
Inlet dust content: £100g/m3
Outlet dust content: £50mg/Nm3
Exhaust fan at the kiln tailType: YRKK500-8
Airflow: 620000m3/h
Total pressure: 3500Pa
Normal working temperature: 150℃
Max. working temperature: 250℃
Rotation speed: 740r/min
Power: 1000kW
Protection grade: IP44
Voltage: 10000V
5Calcining systemPreheater and decomposition furnaceFive-stage preheater with online decomposition furnace
Cyclone 1—2×Æ5.20m
Cyclone 2—1×Æ7.00m
Cyclone 3—1×Æ7.00m
Cyclone 4—1×Æ7.30m
Decomposition furnace: 5.6×Æ35m
Rotary kilnÆ4.3×64mCapacity: 3000-3500t/d
Inclination: 3.5%
Speed: 0.399~3.99r/minInstalled power: 315kW

Flow-control type grate coolerCooling area: 80.46m2
Feeding material temperature: 1400℃
Discharging material temperature: 65℃+ambient temperature
Capacity: 3200t/d

Electrostatic precipitator (kiln head)Airflow: 390000m3/h
Flue-gas temperature: 250℃
Inlet dust content: £30g/m3
Outlet dust content: £50mg/Nm3
Exhaust fan (kiln head)Type: Y4-73No.23D
Airflow: 400000m3/h
Total pressure: 1600Pa
Power: 280kW
6Sandshale crushingSandshale crusherCategory: Toothed roll crusher
Capacity: 160 t/h
Feeding material size: £800mm
Discharging material size: £25mm
Power: 130+90KW
7Gypsum mixture crushingHammer crusherType: PCF1609
Capacity: 80 t/h
Feeding material size: £800 mm
Discharging material size: £25 mm
8Cement grindingCement millSize: 4.2×Æ13m
Production capacity: 100~110t/h
Power: 3550 KW
Cement fineness: 320~350m2/kg
9Cement packagingCement packaging machineType: Rotary packaging g machine with 8 filling holes
Capacity: 90t/h

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