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1500 Ton Cement Processing Line

1500 Ton Cement Processing Line

1500 Ton Cement Processing Line


Based on dry process cement production technique, we have successfully developed this 1500 ton cement processing line. Incorporating a φ3.5×54m rotary kiln, the cement production line is designed with a decomposition furnace and a five-stage cyclone preheater at the kiln tail.

Production Flows
   1. Limestone crushing
   2. Crushed limestone pre-homogenization
   3. Raw mix grinding
   4. Five-stage cyclone preheating, and decomposition of powdered raw mix
   5. Cement clinker making in rotary kiln
   6. Cement grinding
   7. Cement packaging

Equipment List
Series No.PurposeEquipment Name / Type / SpecificationProduction Capacity for Each Piece of Equipment (t/h)QuantityAnnual Utilization Rate (%)Remark
1For limestone crushingHeavy duty plate feeder
Type: B1250×11500mm
Feeding size: 800mm
Power: 30kW
200 ~ 350125.51
Single stage hammer crusher
Type: TKPC16.18
Feeding size: 800mm
Discharging size: ≤25mm
Power: 355kW
2For limestone pre-homogenizationStacker-reclaimer
Track gauge: 24m
Installed gross capacity: 142kW

Material stacking method: Material stacking by continuous luffing and rotation combined movements of boom
Number of plies: >400

Material reclaiming method: Recover material from the cross section of the stockpile
Material stacking capacity: 600t/h

Material reclaiming capacity: 250t/h

3For raw mix grindingVertical coal mill
Type: HRM2800mm
Feeding size: ≤40mm
Discharging size: 0.080mm
Screen residue of square mesh sieve: 12%
Feeding material moisture content: ≤6%
Discharging material moisture content: ≤0.5%
Motor power: 1,250 kW
4Waste gas (from rotary kiln and grinding mills) treatmentHumidifier tower
Type: Φ7.5×26m
Air flow: 400,000m3/h
Inlet air temperature: 340℃
Outlet air temperature: 150-220℃

High temperature draught fan
Airflow: 400,000m3/h
Fan total pressure: 7500Pa
Operating temperature: 340℃ (transient temperature: 450℃)
Speed: 1450r/min
Motor power: 1250kW

2350DIBB24 high temperature draught fan
Airflow: 300,000m3/h
Fan total pressure: 7500 Pa

c.BS930 electrostatic precipitator
Processing capacity: 400,000m3/h
Inlet dust concentration: ≤80 mg/m3
Outlet dust concentration: ≤50 mg/m3

Kiln tail exhaust fan
Airflow: 420,000m3/h
Fan total pressure: 1500Pa
Operating temperature: 150℃
Motor power: 355kW

5Cement clinker calcination (kiln tail)Five-stage cyclone preheater and decomposition furnace
Cyclone 1: 2-Φ4300mm
Cyclone 2: 1-Φ5600mm
Cyclone 3: 1-Φ5600mm
Cyclone 4: 1-Φ5900mm
Cyclone 5: 1-Φ5900mm
Decomposition furnace: Φ6300mm
6Cement clinker production (in kiln)Rotary kiln
Type: Φ3.5×54m
Production capacity: 1500-1800t/d
Inclination: 4%
Rotation speed: 0.4 ~ 3.96r/min
Motor power: 220kW (DC speed regulation)
7Cement clinker cooling (kiln head)Grate cooler
Type: LBTF1700
8For cement grindingTube mill
Type: Φ3.5×13m
Discharging particle size: 320m2/kg
Main motor power: 2,000kW
Powder separator
Type: O-Sepa1500
Airflow: 1500m3 /min

9For cement packagingRotary packaging machine with eight filling holes
Measurement precision: ±0.25kg/ bag

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